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Hunting 101 – 4 Tips for newbies

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Although hunting looks like it is easy, it actually is much more complicated than it seems, and there are plenty of things that have to be learned. So if you are considering of becoming a hunter, your first step as a hunter should be READING THIS TEXT. Here are 4 tips for all hunting newbies:

  1. Take a Hunting Course

Bow Hunting

Attending a hunter education course, is a thing that you should do first. Here they will learn all the necessary things regarding hunting and staying safe while hunting. There are numerous Introduction to Hunter Education that you can find online, but the best way to get familiar with hunting is to take an actual real life course. There you will meet qualified instructors as well as experienced hunters, and they will gladly explain anything that you might want to know about hunting. Furthermore, if you haven’t fired from a gun so far, one of the best things about this course, is that they offer you a chance to fire a few rounds, just to get the feeling.

  1. Get a hunting license

Before you can start hunting, you must get a license. As far as the license fees and special hunting equipment, taxes are concerned, the best thing about them is that they are annual, meaning you will pay once a year, and you are not only paying to hunt, but also helping to preserve hunting and wildlife for future generations, since the money goes to hunting education programs and conservation.

  1. Equipment

If you want to be a hunter you will need the basic equipment, and that includes, depending on what kind of hunting you will choose, gun hunting or bow hunting: A gun and ammunition or the best recurve bow and arrows, a sharp and strong knife, clothing that will make you feel comfortable, quality water resistant boots, and a rope. When searching for clothing, you will see that the hunting stores offer you numerous latest camouflage or smart fabric clothing, which are quite expensive. Don’t spend all your money on that, there is no need for that, all you need is clothing in which you will stay comfortable and warm.

  1. Get familiar with the hunting area

If you are allowed, take a walk in the woods where you will hunt once the season opens. Learn the surroundings, memorize the terrain and try to find any animal tracks that will tell you what kind of animals you will encounter and maybe learn about their path habits. This will help you a lot once you go hunting, because knowing the terrain is 90 percent of successful hunting.