Will AI Replace Your Jobs?

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As more advances in technology are made, the need for human labor diminishes. One automated machine can perform the work of ten men; it’s fairly obvious then that employers would find machines more cost effective and efficient than human labor. Added to this AI promises a lower margin for error and thus lower losses.

AI for automationThe field of AI is ever growing from new updates to Siri on your iPhone 7 to robots that can act as store clerks. Even jobs like those of travel agents can be taken over with AI. The potential that AI has is staggering, and there is a high probability that AI will replace some jobs.

However not all jobs can be done by a machine, and most of the time humans are required to operate/tune/fix the machines.

But, just in case you are scared your field of work might replace you for AI, Here is a list of 5 jobs that will be affected by AI:

5 Jobs That Will Go Out in the Next 10 Years

1. Accounting

AI for AccountingThis field will see a definite decline in human employment with the growth of AI. Less and fewer people are likely to be employed in this sector since AI can perform all the functions of an accountant more efficiently and cheaply. Added to this, it’s obvious that AI, e.g., a computer is likely to make fewer mistakes while computing costs, etc. than a human being.

2. Banking

ATMs already reduced the need for human labor, but AI again poses a threat to jobs in the banking sector. Online money transfers, online account sign ups, etc. all negate the need for human labor and thus reduce employment in the banking industry.

3. Financial Analysts

The development of AI here is fantastic. AI can analyze historical and current data, predict trends and allow organizations and governments to make relevant changes in their policies and portfolios. While FA could also do this, there was less accuracy in their analysis, and it took longer for them to analyze data. So AI poses a significant threat to the jobs of financial analysts.

4. Manual Labor

AI for LaborMachines pose a threat even to jobs in the manual labor sector. Companies have developed robotic bricklayers that once added to construction sites can replace 2-3 workers at a time. Even machine drivers like crane and bulldozer operators pose a threat to their jobs due to AI.

5. Acting

CGI is at once a blessing and curse. Personally, few things gave me greater pleasure than seeing a 21-year-old Princess Leia in Rogue One thanks to CGI. However, the problem remains that as this technology develops more, there will be fewer openings for new actors since the old loved ones could just reappear younger looking in new films.

This much is evident – AI has a significant chance of taking over these jobs in the next ten years or so. It might be a better idea to look for careers in other fields like medicine, or engineering.