About Me

Accountant workingIn simple words my job as an Accountant is to keep track of the financial activity of the company I work in. I am a senior official of the accounts section, with a lot of responsibilities.

My job is very critical and needs to done with maximum attention. Of course all jobs need to be done with a lot of attention to detail, but in my case the slightest of error can have colossal effect to the business.

I also attend board meetings where different aspects of the company are discussed. My accounting section provides all the necessary financial data required on all circumstances – this includes how we are positioned, where the company is heading, do we need to cut back on costs/expenses?

In my personal life I am a fitness junky. I like to lead a healthy lifestyle. A sound body leads way to a sound mind. Keeping fit is really important to me. I go to the gym at least three times a week. I follow the instructions given by my personal trainer at the gym, and I also have a very healthy diet plan.

I also like to spend time with family and friends. Nothing beats a quality timeout with close connections. I like to travel a lot too. Every year I travel to different countries with family and friends, and each trip rejuvenates my soul and I feel the gusto to lead a better life.

And I love to write. I try to get some personal time out whenever I get an itch to write and that is pretty often. So far these were locked up in my drawer but I thought I should share my thoughts with others and hence came the website. Feel free to provide feedback and stay in touch.