Using Technology to Help You Write Better

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Technology has changed the world to the point that we have stores of knowledge just one click away. While once upon a time, to search any information people had to sift through tons of paper; now all they have to do is Google it.

The field of writing has been revolutionized from improvements in technology. I can’t even imagine myself carrying around a typewriter as I carry around my laptop/tablet with me everywhere. It has considerably improved productivity as a whole.

Websites and Apps that aid in Writing

If I get an idea for something I can write about while waiting at the airport or the train station, I can just whip out my Laptop and start writing.

Technology can help you write better, and I am saying this from experience. Here are some Apps; sites, etc. that have helped me improve my writing.

Websites and Apps that aid in Writing

Not only has technology increased the ease of being able to write anywhere anytime, and it has also improved how we write. Instead of having to pull out a dictionary to check the meaning of words, or proofreading my work over and over again, I can just use sites like Grammarly or the Hemingway App. These websites and apps point out incorrect spelling, punctuation, use of wrong tenses, etc.

The Hemingway App is a brilliant, user-friendly site that checks your grammar, whether you have been using the correct tense, it even makes recommendations for which words would be more appropriate.

Hemingway AppThere are a lot of iPhone apps that can aid writing, that is if you use iOS. A lot of people don’t prefer writing on their phones. However, I find it extremely convenient thanks to iOs apps like Elements, iThoughts, etc.

‘’Elements’’ is a plain text editor that syncs text files to your Dropbox, does a line and word counting for you. iThoughts, on the other hand, is great for mind maps and stuff and can help you if you are ever experiencing a writer’s block.

With iThoughts, you can add your ideas to it, and access it whenever wherever.

Tech in Academic Writing

Writing essays for school and universities is such a chore, but technology has made it a bearable task. Now there are quite a lot of websites that can help you improve your academic writing by helping you cite better through free sites like Citing Generator writing house.

Other writing tools that can help you write better are Criterion Online Writing Evaluation which helps in planning, writing and organizing your papers making the whole academic writing job easier. Another useful tool is GradeMark. This makes your work plagiarism free, Quickmark sets which allow your online tutor/teacher to add comments to your job, voice comments, etc.

Technology can help you write better if you know which sites and apps to use. You don’t have to worry about being a bad speller or plagiarized work if you have apps like HemingswayApp and Plagium handy.

The Writer's Block book

Creative ideas to help you write better and beat writers block

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Writers block and wasted paperWriting is not always easy as it seems, especially creative writing. Often there are times when you won’t be able to get a writing rhythm or even cannot even start writing about something. This particular phase is called writing block.

Those who write have gone through this phase at least once in life. Sometimes nothing would come out of a writers head even though their pens are ready to flow through the paper. The type of block varies from writer to writer. Some cannot feel the subject, some just do not find the urge from the inside, and some just have too much going on their head.

I experienced this situation every now and then. There are times no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to write anything decent. So if anyone goes through such time they should remember that it is something very commonplace among writers.

Now the question is what to do in such situations. Should writers take a break from writing until they find their usual writing rhythm? This can be good for short term, but if the break happens for a long period then the writers might find themselves in a worse position. The thing that writers should do is try to do something in order to find the rhythm again. In other words they should employ a practice which will unblock the writer’s block.

The Writer's Block bookI never had a solid technique to deal with writer’s block until I came across a book titled ” The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination “. This is one amazing book that I came across which helped me reduce a lot of time wasted in the writer’s block phase. One blogger suggested to me that I should have a look at this book.

At first glance, I got interested in the book. It is shaped like a 3×3×3 block and full of ideas to help the mass writer to break the writer’s block. The book is very helpful for anyone who likes to write, and takes it seriously or professionally. The writer Jason Rekulak has put a lot of effort in composing the book. He has actually compiled 786 techniques to overcome the writer’s block.

Most of the examples are taken from experiences of prominent writers. 786 ideas is not something merely small, but it’s rather something very comprehensive. I owe a lot to this book because it has helped me in many situations where I did not have much time in hand to finish writing. I would recommend this to any type of writer, whether a rookie or a pro. It is a must have book in every writer’s shelf.