Why people think iPhones are a must have gadget

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Smart-phonesThe most common tech gadget that we use in our daily life is surely a smartphone. I have been using smartphones ever since they came into existence. I am a tech savvy guy and for me there is no compromise in choosing the best and latest techs in the market.

Every year there is a brand new model of different flagship mobile companies in the market. Smartphones now serve the purpose of a personal computer in our hands. Each year there are quite a lot of hardware and software improvements, and I delightfully delve into the offerings.

I have used smartphones from brands such as Compaq, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, and Samsung, and of course Apple. From a general perspective all phones serve similar purposes, but these vary significantly in terms of usability, convenience and features.

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone series are the two most popular smartphone brands in the market today. The competition is intense amongst these two brands, and each year the rivalry gets even tougher with technological advancement.

Girl using iPhoneI personally have been a fan of Apple iPhones for a few years. This brand has been delivering flagship devices in the smartphone market. To me iPhones are a notch ahead of every other company. The ios operating system that iPhones use is much enriched and user-friendly. The operating system is updated in a span of a year and adds many useful utilities to the phone.

The best thing about iPhones is that the ios is Apple’s own. Therefore, the phones are capable of running all the features the ios comes with. Android phones on the other hand vary a lot in terms of functionality. I used to use Samsung Galaxy before I shifted to Apple iPhone.

There were a lot of things I liked in Samsung Galaxy, but there were a lot of things which I did not like. The disliked features were pretty annoying and disrupted user experience. I was on the look for a better phone. I tried my luck with Sony Xperia. It was rich with features, but was heavy and consumed a lot of battery. I was tired of charging the phone twice daily. Furthermore, I experienced the performance degradation.

Now I’m comfortably using the iPhone. I like everything about the phone and cannot find a major flaw. The design of the phone is smart and classy. It is not too big, neither is it too small. It is easy to hold and fits into the pocket comfortably. The layout of the home screen is meaningful and easy to use. The Apple store is an excellent place to find the desired apps.

It has one significant advantage over the Google store, as the apps found in the store are built specifically for iPhones. This is not the case with the Google play store. Due to this, the security of iPhones are much tighter than android phones. There is also a huge library of music owned by Apple. Once you subscribe to the music service, then you really do not need to look anywhere else for your favorite genre of music.

Apple is well known for producing the high-quality music player, the iPod, for years. All the functionalities of iPods are available in iPhones and there is more to it. Samsung Galaxy or any other phones never had this feature. Another important aspect of iPhone is its battery backup. Although the first generations of iPhone were not renowned for battery backup, recent phones are an alternate to that. Now you can go easy with charging.

On a consumer sense, the iPhone is like a must have for most people. It is an indispensable part of my life. I absolutely love my phone and a ‘big up’ to Apple for making iPhones.

How my family made me a better person

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Happy family on a couchIt is a well-known fact that a man cannot be a real man without a family. Families are made so that it is easier for us to lead our life. Wherever a person goes in life, the teachings learned from families direct that person’s activity to a great extent.

I am very lucky to have a hugely supportive family which has helped me a lot in life to this day. Every success I had in life is due to the contribution of my family members who had supported me and inspired me throughout life.

I have always been open to my parents about everything. They are my best friends. I always share my thoughts and feelings with them. They are very good listeners. They are very eager to know what I have to say. Even when I do not have much to share, they will always ask about my day and work. They are also very good advisors. Whenever I get into a problem or am confused about something, I seek their counsel.

I am very lucky to have such a family. I have seen a lot of people around me who suffer from lack of family communication. A lot of people do not even have a normal family. I cannot imagine how painful it is not to have good family time. Whenever I am stressed about anything I talk to my mom or dad. They know how to make my stresses and worries go away. It’s nothing too complicated. Some basic talks and I feel light inside.

My family contributed a lot to my current being. Before college I was in a dilemma in choosing my major. They talked long and hard with me and found out what I was good at. I am greatly indebted to them for this. Without their counsel I would have never be the successful Accountant that I am now. I just do not have enough words to thank them. So I am writing here in gratitude.

HBO Go Everywhere? – How the Rest of World is Watching Game of Thrones

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If you are waiting for the new series of Game of Thrones to air on your network before you watch it, you are probably about 1 of 10 people in the entire world. Fact. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. No one is waiting for it to show legally in their country, they are all watching it as soon as it comes out.

HBO GO Game of ThronesIf you aren’t watching the new series using a VPN service provider, then I commend you, because you have some serious will power. Gone are the days where you were jealous of your friends across the water for getting it first.

And gone are the days of having to remove your friends from Facebook in the United Kingdom, while you’re in Australia because they are dishing out major spoilers.

VPN for HBO and NetflixI bet you are now wondering how it’s all done, right? You’re probably thinking it is tough. But, getting your fantasy fix might not be such a fantasy. Say Game of Thrones isn’t available on HBO Go Australia yet, and you are dying to watch the new series. Let me tell you how you might go about it.

All you need to do is download an app on your phone or tablet, or some software on your PC and you can watch the new series right away. It’s that simple. So, let me explain it in some more detail. VPN stands for virtual private network, are you with me so far?

By using a VPN, you can basically pretend you are in a different country. You trick services like HBO and Netflix into thinking this, by re-routing your internet traffic. If you are in Canada, you can use a VPN to act like you are actually in New Zealand.

All you do is log in, select the country you want to be in that day and navigate to your chosen site. It’s that simple. This means, that if you are in a country where the new series of GOT hasn’t aired yet, you can still watch it.

Game of ThronesVPN has taken off big time, and there are more VPN services than you can shake a stick at. Some of these services, you don’t even have to pay for.

A couple of years ago, no one even knew what VPN stood for, apart from maybe the class nerd. But now, there are innumerable articles online telling you how to bypass the problem of your location.

This might all sound a bit dodgy to you, but don’t worry, using a VPN isn’t illegal. Although, if you are in a country with very controlling laws, watching banned content might get you in a bit of trouble. Networks like HBO are trying to crack down on the use of VPN’s to access content.

More and more routes in using VPN’s are being blocked. Netflix is getting upset about it and trying to block access. But the industry now thinks that by doing this, they will actually lose subscribers. That’s how mainstream this has become.

Using Technology to Help You Write Better

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Technology has changed the world to the point that we have stores of knowledge just one click away. While once upon a time, to search any information people had to sift through tons of paper; now all they have to do is Google it.

The field of writing has been revolutionized from improvements in technology. I can’t even imagine myself carrying around a typewriter as I carry around my laptop/tablet with me everywhere. It has considerably improved productivity as a whole.

Websites and Apps that aid in Writing

If I get an idea for something I can write about while waiting at the airport or the train station, I can just whip out my Laptop and start writing.

Technology can help you write better, and I am saying this from experience. Here are some Apps; sites, etc. that have helped me improve my writing.

Websites and Apps that aid in Writing

Not only has technology increased the ease of being able to write anywhere anytime, and it has also improved how we write. Instead of having to pull out a dictionary to check the meaning of words, or proofreading my work over and over again, I can just use sites like Grammarly or the Hemingway App. These websites and apps point out incorrect spelling, punctuation, use of wrong tenses, etc.

The Hemingway App is a brilliant, user-friendly site that checks your grammar, whether you have been using the correct tense, it even makes recommendations for which words would be more appropriate.

Hemingway AppThere are a lot of iPhone apps that can aid writing, that is if you use iOS. A lot of people don’t prefer writing on their phones. However, I find it extremely convenient thanks to iOs apps like Elements, iThoughts, etc.

‘’Elements’’ is a plain text editor that syncs text files to your Dropbox, does a line and word counting for you. iThoughts, on the other hand, is great for mind maps and stuff and can help you if you are ever experiencing a writer’s block.

With iThoughts, you can add your ideas to it, and access it whenever wherever.

Tech in Academic Writing

Writing essays for school and universities is such a chore, but technology has made it a bearable task. Now there are quite a lot of websites that can help you improve your academic writing by helping you cite better through free sites like Citing Generator writing house.

Other writing tools that can help you write better are Criterion Online Writing Evaluation which helps in planning, writing and organizing your papers making the whole academic writing job easier. Another useful tool is GradeMark. This makes your work plagiarism free, Quickmark sets which allow your online tutor/teacher to add comments to your job, voice comments, etc.

Technology can help you write better if you know which sites and apps to use. You don’t have to worry about being a bad speller or plagiarized work if you have apps like HemingswayApp and Plagium handy.

Will AI Replace Your Jobs?

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As more advances in technology are made, the need for human labor diminishes. One automated machine can perform the work of ten men; it’s fairly obvious then that employers would find machines more cost effective and efficient than human labor. Added to this AI promises a lower margin for error and thus lower losses.

AI for automationThe field of AI is ever growing from new updates to Siri on your iPhone 7 to robots that can act as store clerks. Even jobs like those of travel agents can be taken over with AI. The potential that AI has is staggering, and there is a high probability that AI will replace some jobs.

However not all jobs can be done by a machine, and most of the time humans are required to operate/tune/fix the machines.

But, just in case you are scared your field of work might replace you for AI, Here is a list of 5 jobs that will be affected by AI:

5 Jobs That Will Go Out in the Next 10 Years

1. Accounting

AI for AccountingThis field will see a definite decline in human employment with the growth of AI. Less and fewer people are likely to be employed in this sector since AI can perform all the functions of an accountant more efficiently and cheaply. Added to this, it’s obvious that AI, e.g., a computer is likely to make fewer mistakes while computing costs, etc. than a human being.

2. Banking

ATMs already reduced the need for human labor, but AI again poses a threat to jobs in the banking sector. Online money transfers, online account sign ups, etc. all negate the need for human labor and thus reduce employment in the banking industry.

3. Financial Analysts

The development of AI here is fantastic. AI can analyze historical and current data, predict trends and allow organizations and governments to make relevant changes in their policies and portfolios. While FA could also do this, there was less accuracy in their analysis, and it took longer for them to analyze data. So AI poses a significant threat to the jobs of financial analysts.

4. Manual Labor

AI for LaborMachines pose a threat even to jobs in the manual labor sector. Companies have developed robotic bricklayers that once added to construction sites can replace 2-3 workers at a time. Even machine drivers like crane and bulldozer operators pose a threat to their jobs due to AI.

5. Acting

CGI is at once a blessing and curse. Personally, few things gave me greater pleasure than seeing a 21-year-old Princess Leia in Rogue One thanks to CGI. However, the problem remains that as this technology develops more, there will be fewer openings for new actors since the old loved ones could just reappear younger looking in new films.

This much is evident – AI has a significant chance of taking over these jobs in the next ten years or so. It might be a better idea to look for careers in other fields like medicine, or engineering.

Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

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Many people find that the ideal time for them to travel and see the world is that very point of their life when they can retire and forget about the 9-5 way of life. This gives them more flexibility and less stress.

A large number of seniors look to take on a journey and explore the world in their latter years, as when they have been younger, they have focussed more on their job. Others venture out because they need to spend quality time by going to visit family or friends who may live overseas and they, therefore, don’t see much.

Regardless of what your purposes behind travelling as a senior are, one thing is for sure – you need to have suitable, reliable and trusted travel protection cover. It is imperative that this is set up before you take off on your journey.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is considered the protection that is expected to cover medicinal costs, the budgetary default of travel suppliers, and a range of different misfortunes that could occur while travelling. Travel insurance is a necessity, as you never know what is coming up in your life – whether it be good or bad.

Many obstacles and difficulties can happen unexpectedly on overseas holidays and it is good to know that you will not have to worry about anything, as your travel insurance policy will have it all covered.

Provisional travel protection can generally be planned at the time of booking your holiday to cover you for the whole period you are away. Alternatively, you can opt for a “multi-trip” arrangement, which can cover a boundless number of journeys inside a set timeline.

Some of the very common issues that are being covered during Travel Insurance Plans are:

  • Emergency related problems due to health/accident/sickness
  • Getting a safe exit in case of emergency
  • Cancellation of trip taking place
  • Interference takes place during the trip
  • Visitor wellbeing protection
  • Accidental passing, harm or disablement profit
  • Overseas Memorial service costs
  • Lost, stolen or harmed things relating to belongings or travel records
  • Delayed things (and crisis substitution of crucial things)
  • Travel delays because of climate
  • Hi-jacking
  • Covering of the medical expenses – can be accommodated partially or Maximum

Some travel arrangements will give spread to extra expenses, in spite of the fact that this shift broadly between suppliers.

Therefore, frequently separate protection can be obtained for specific amounts of expenses on the trip.

Some examples are:-

  • Pre-existing conditions as example of asthma, diabetes
  • Sports with a component of danger (e.g. skiing, scuba diving)
  • Travel to high hazard nations (e.g. because of war, common disasters or demonstrations of terrorism)
  • Third party supplier gratitude (e.g. the lodging or air transport to which you made non-refundable prepayments has gone into administration)
  • Acute on-set of previous conditions – This term is altogether different from pre-existing conditions. It implies a sudden and surprising event of prior therapeutic conditions without any earlier cautioning from an expert.

In conclusion, having travel insurance organised before going away on an overseas trip will not only make your life easier, but should in the event of something going wrong, you can rest assured that you are covered and won’t have to worry or stress about what to do next.

Bow Hunting

Hunting 101 – 4 Tips for newbies

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Although hunting looks like it is easy, it actually is much more complicated than it seems, and there are plenty of things that have to be learned. So if you are considering of becoming a hunter, your first step as a hunter should be READING THIS TEXT. Here are 4 tips for all hunting newbies:

  1. Take a Hunting Course

Bow Hunting

Attending a hunter education course, is a thing that you should do first. Here they will learn all the necessary things regarding hunting and staying safe while hunting. There are numerous Introduction to Hunter Education that you can find online, but the best way to get familiar with hunting is to take an actual real life course. There you will meet qualified instructors as well as experienced hunters, and they will gladly explain anything that you might want to know about hunting. Furthermore, if you haven’t fired from a gun so far, one of the best things about this course, is that they offer you a chance to fire a few rounds, just to get the feeling.

  1. Get a hunting license

Before you can start hunting, you must get a license. As far as the license fees and special hunting equipment, taxes are concerned, the best thing about them is that they are annual, meaning you will pay once a year, and you are not only paying to hunt, but also helping to preserve hunting and wildlife for future generations, since the money goes to hunting education programs and conservation.

  1. Equipment

If you want to be a hunter you will need the basic equipment, and that includes, depending on what kind of hunting you will choose, gun hunting or bow hunting: A gun and ammunition or the best recurve bow and arrows, a sharp and strong knife, clothing that will make you feel comfortable, quality water resistant boots, and a rope. When searching for clothing, you will see that the hunting stores offer you numerous latest camouflage or smart fabric clothing, which are quite expensive. Don’t spend all your money on that, there is no need for that, all you need is clothing in which you will stay comfortable and warm.

  1. Get familiar with the hunting area

If you are allowed, take a walk in the woods where you will hunt once the season opens. Learn the surroundings, memorize the terrain and try to find any animal tracks that will tell you what kind of animals you will encounter and maybe learn about their path habits. This will help you a lot once you go hunting, because knowing the terrain is 90 percent of successful hunting.


The Writer's Block book

Creative ideas to help you write better and beat writers block

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Writers block and wasted paperWriting is not always easy as it seems, especially creative writing. Often there are times when you won’t be able to get a writing rhythm or even cannot even start writing about something. This particular phase is called writing block.

Those who write have gone through this phase at least once in life. Sometimes nothing would come out of a writers head even though their pens are ready to flow through the paper. The type of block varies from writer to writer. Some cannot feel the subject, some just do not find the urge from the inside, and some just have too much going on their head.

I experienced this situation every now and then. There are times no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to write anything decent. So if anyone goes through such time they should remember that it is something very commonplace among writers.

Now the question is what to do in such situations. Should writers take a break from writing until they find their usual writing rhythm? This can be good for short term, but if the break happens for a long period then the writers might find themselves in a worse position. The thing that writers should do is try to do something in order to find the rhythm again. In other words they should employ a practice which will unblock the writer’s block.

The Writer's Block bookI never had a solid technique to deal with writer’s block until I came across a book titled ” The Writer’s Block: 786 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Imagination “. This is one amazing book that I came across which helped me reduce a lot of time wasted in the writer’s block phase. One blogger suggested to me that I should have a look at this book.

At first glance, I got interested in the book. It is shaped like a 3×3×3 block and full of ideas to help the mass writer to break the writer’s block. The book is very helpful for anyone who likes to write, and takes it seriously or professionally. The writer Jason Rekulak has put a lot of effort in composing the book. He has actually compiled 786 techniques to overcome the writer’s block.

Most of the examples are taken from experiences of prominent writers. 786 ideas is not something merely small, but it’s rather something very comprehensive. I owe a lot to this book because it has helped me in many situations where I did not have much time in hand to finish writing. I would recommend this to any type of writer, whether a rookie or a pro. It is a must have book in every writer’s shelf.